Publication: General practice - audit scope

To be published Spring 2025 by Auditor General

General practice plays a critical role in the performance of the health service, and in Scotland’s ambition to improve the population’s health and reduce health inequalities. GP practices are usually the first point of contact with the NHS in Scotland and provide a wide range of general medical care to the populations they serve. They diagnose and treat common medical conditions, refer patients on to specialist services where necessary, and manage patients’ care in the community, preventing unnecessary admissions to hospitals.

The Scottish Government and British Medical Association agreed a new General Medical Services (GMS) contract in 2018, which aimed to improve patient care and address significant challenges recruiting and retaining GPs. This performance audit aims to assess how well general practice has been performing since the introduction of the GMS contract in 2018. It will cover how general medical services in Scotland are provided and funded, and what progress has been made in improving patient care, recruitment and retention challenges and financial pressures since the introduction of the 2018 GMS contract.

Audit scope
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