A history of the Commission

Silk material

The Accounts Commission reached its 40th anniversary in 2015. To mark the anniversary, we undertook a project to look at its history and the work it has done during the past 40 years.

Our changing role

The Commission has played a pivotal role in Scottish public life over the last 40 years. Chris Holme looks back at how it started and some of the challenges it has had to face.

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A look at some of the Commission's key events from the past 40 years.

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The past 40 years

Victoria Anker writes about the development of the Commission since it began and its impact on the local Scottish authorities and the wider public.

40 years of the Accounts Commission - PDF 772Kb

Key people

Some of the chairs and Controllers of Audit from the Commission's past 40 years.

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Academic reports

Corrinne Rodden explores the rationales for the establishment of the Commission and its expanding statutory role at 25 years.

The Accounts Commission as an agent of public sector accountability - PDF 1.61Mb

Twenty five years of the Accounts Commission – observations from an academic perspective - PDF 792Kb