Crofting Commission governance improves

The 2021/22 audit of the Crofting Commission

The Crofting Commission has acted quickly to tackle weaknesses in its governance and leadership arrangements.

Since a critical report by auditors in 2021, the Commission has clarified roles and decision-making responsibilities, established a more formal budget setting process, and concluded an independent review of its workforce needs.

This comes after the Auditor General last year highlighted a breakdown of trust between the board and senior management. He said leadership and governance had to improve significantly for the Commission to effectively oversee the important services it provides Scotland’s crofting communities.

Stephen Boyle, Auditor General for Scotland, said:

The Crofting Commission has acted swiftly to deal with the problems it faced, and the new board now needs to maintain momentum by working effectively alongside the chief executive.

Like all public bodies, it is a tough time for the Commission. Clear and effective leadership will be crucial to delivering for the rural communities it serves.