Dundee City Council is well-run, with a clear vision to address challenges

Dundee City Council has shown effective leadership, good financial management and engagement with communities as it seeks to tackle long-standing issues. Reporting on its performance and progress is clear, with a focus on continuous improvement. 

In a new report, the Accounts Commission says the council has a strong commitment to working and engaging with communities across the city. 

It is clear, however, that long-standing difficulties remain. Dundee has high levels of deprivation, drug deaths and child poverty, and there are challenges to reducing the educational attainment gap. The council is taking action to tackle this, but it will take time to determine the impact of this work. 

Ronnie Hinds, Interim Chair of the Accounts Commission said: 

Councillors and staff at Dundee City Council continue to be focused on the needs of local people. There is clear leadership, a commitment to improve and action in response to audit recommendations. A strong vision for the future of the city is embedded in the council’s strategies and plans. The council should look to share its approach with other councils. 

Given the significant challenges the city faces, and the ongoing need for financial savings, it’s critical that the council maintains and continues the progress it has made.