Glasgow commended for rate of improvement , though significant challenges remain

In its Best Value report on Glasgow City Council published today (Thursday 19 January) the Accounts Commission commends Scotland’s largest council for its improvement agenda and its commitment to change. However it acknowledges the challenges facing the council and highlights areas it needs to focus on.

The report says that in recent years the council has demonstrated clear leadership and a considerable rate of improvement, particularly evident in the physical regeneration of the city and also in the council’s corporate management arrangements. The Commission notes that the council faces significant and complex social and economic challenges and needs to stay focused on improved outcomes for its citizens.

Commenting on the findings of the report published today, Accounts Commission Chair Alastair MacNish said: “Glasgow City Council has made great strides in recent years and we are very encouraged by its achievements.

The council has a good level of self awareness, a strong commitment to change and demonstrates a real drive to achieve this.

“The council now has a solid foundation to build on and recognises the areas in which it needs to improve. It faces significant and complex social and economic challenges. The council needs to maintain its momentum and stay focused on achieving its goals for improved outcomes for its citizens, especially in those aspects of service delivery which affect the most vulnerable groups the council serves.”

The Commission says the council should take particular care to:

  • improve performance and outcomes within education and social work
  • develop Community Planning arrangements and ensure that partnership working is as effective as possible
  • develop more balanced public performance reporting to provide a full and honest assessment of the council’s performance
  • get the right political and managerial structures in place
  • improve its workforce planning, human resources systems and how it manages and engages with staff
  • put comprehensive asset management plans in place to better manage its extensive asset portfolio.

Alastair MacNish continued: “We look forward to receiving an improvement plan from Glasgow City Council responding to this audit report by 15 March 2006. The Commission will then ask Audit Scotland to undertake a report looking at progress made to 31 December 2008.”