Publication: Building flood resilience in communities - audit scope

To be published May 2025 by Auditor General

Scotland’s weather patterns are changing because of climate change and extreme weather events are growing in frequency and severity. Currently, around 284,000 homes and premises in Scotland are at risk from flooding and that number is expected to increase. The negative impacts of flooding on communities are increasing, including damage to homes and property, financial pressures and mental health issues. These impacts are not felt equally across communities.

Flood policy in Scotland is evolving, broadening out from a focus on flood prevention measures to a greater emphasis on flood resilience. This includes wider measures to avoid flooding; preparing for and responding more effectively to flooding to minimise the impact when it happens; and improving recovery after a flood. The public sector has a critical role in building flood resilience and effective collaboration is essential.

This audit will examine how well the Scottish Government, councils, relevant central government bodies and their partners are working together and with local communities to build resilience to flooding in communities. It will look at the impact of flooding on communities, the national and local approach to building resilience, collaboration between public bodies and with communities, current and future investment, and the progress that is being made. It will consider how well-placed and resourced public bodies and communities are to meet the scale of future challenges. 

Audit scope
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