Publication: New vessels for the Clyde and Hebrides

by Auditor General

Major problems remain unresolved at the shipyard constructing two lifeline ferries for Scottish islands. More than two years after the Scottish Government took over control of the shipyard, significant operational failures still need to be fully resolved and further remedial work on the vessels continues to be uncovered.

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Stephen Boyle talks about the report

A transcript of this video is available to download with other files on this page.


Timeline of key events
Exhibit 1
Roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the public bodies initially involved in delivering vessels 801 and 802
Exhibit 2
Milestone events and dates in the contracts
Exhibit 3
Delays for vessels 801 and 802
Exhibit 4
Contract changes
Exhibit 5
Outstanding work and amount paid for each vessel, as at June 2019
Exhibit 6
Key features of the new arrangements to deliver the vessels
Exhibit 7
A summary of the new governance arrangements
Exhibit 8
Changes to the vessel delivery dates
Exhibit 9