Publication: Social security: Progress on implementing the devolved benefits

by Auditor General

The roll out of new devolved social security benefits is going well but there is still a lot to be delivered.

New and complex social security benefits such as the Scottish Child Payment have been launched despite the challenges of the pandemic. People are also positive about their experience of Social Security Scotland.

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The timeline for delivering the devolved benefits
Exhibit 1
The scale of activity undertaken by Social Security Scotland will increase hugely over the next few years
Exhibit 2
The Scottish Government is changing how disability benefits will be administered in Scotland
Exhibit 3
Agile delivery involves ongoing identification and prioritisation of development needs
Exhibit 4
Implementation costs have increased as the scope and length of the programme have changed
Exhibit 5
By 2026/27, direct benefit expenditure on Adult Disability Payment is forecast to be £527m higher than the benefit it replaces because of changes to how it is administered
Exhibit 6