Publication: The Scottish Government's workforce challenges

by Auditor General

The Scottish Government needs to act quickly to deliver services differently. But it needs to support its workforce to manage this change, rather than simply doing more with less.

The Scottish budget and workforce numbers have grown significantly since devolution. But Scottish Government projections suggest it cannot afford to pay for public services in their current form.

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Stephen Boyle, Auditor General for Scotland, talks about the briefing

A transcript of this video is available to download with the other files on this page.


Exhibit 1: Breakdown of the overall full-time equivalent (FTE) public sector workforce in Scotland
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2: The workforce of the Scottish Government and its public bodies
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3: Selected pay deals across the Scottish public sector
Exhibit 3
Exhibit 4: The Scottish Government predicts budget shortfalls over the coming years
Exhibit 4
Exhibit 5: Illustrative cumulative pay award and workforce costs
Exhibit 5
Exhibit 6: The NHS accounts for two-thirds of the Scottish Government workforce and workforce costs
Exhibit 6