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Public sector pension schemes in Scotland

Audit Scotland has today published a report on the six main public sector pension schemes in Scotland.

Community planning: an initial review

Community planning partnerships have made progress but need to do more to show how their work is improving public services.

Health and community care bulletin 2006

This sets out, in a concise form, the national performance audit work we have been doing in the NHS and community care over the past year and the key issues

How the NHS works: Governance in Community Health Partnerships - Self Assessment Tool

Community Health Partnerships (CHPs) are being established across Scotland and are anticipated to play a central role in reshaping our health services.

No hiding place: the National Fraud Initiative in Scotland

Scotland’s councils have worked with other public bodies to identify £15m worth of fraud and errors in a national detection exercise.

A review of the cost and implementation of the teachers' agreement

The Teachers’ Agreement has brought benefits for the teaching profession, but the lack of performance measures makes it difficult to assess the wider i

The Highland Council: The Audit of Best Value and Community Planning

While Highland Council often delivers appropriate and effective solutions to residents’ problems, there are areas in which it must make improvements if

Finance committee: inquiry into accountability and governance

Submission from Robert W Black, Auditor General for Scotland.