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Housing services - Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report highlights wide variations between councils in their management of housing services in 1999/2000.

Leisure and libraries - Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report highlights the difficulties faced by councils' library services in meeting national targets for replacing old book stock and the continuing inability

Fire and Police - Performance indicators 1999/2000

Scotland's police forces again improved the overall level of crime cleared-up in 1999/2000.

Social work - Performance indicators 1999/2000

This report, by Audit Scotland on behalf of the independent Accounts Commission, compares the performance of Scottish councils in their provision of social work

A measure of protection - A baseline report on performance measurement in the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

In his annual assessment of council performance the Controller of Audit, Mr Ronnie Hinds highlights improvements in the delivery of a range of services while al

Overview of the National Health Service in Scotland 1999/2000

The financial pressures facing NHS Trusts, and concerns about the new central system for processing payments to GPs, dentists, opticians and pharmacists are two

Accounts Commission - Draft Strategy Document 2000

The Accounts Commission has published a draft strategy document on its future direction.

How are we doing? - Measuring the performance of community safety partnerships

This bulletin is a follow-up to Safe and sound, a report on community safety partnerships in Scotland which found that community safety strategies are generally