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Accounts Commission Annual Report 2000

Councils could save £68 million.

Overview of the 1999/2000 Local Authority Audits

The Accounts Commission remains concerned that, four years after local government reorganisation, there are still weaknesses in many councils' financial systems

National Health Service bodies in Tayside

In this report into the problems facing the health service in Tayside, the Auditor General, Robert Black, has highlighted the need for careful management and mo

A good start - Commissioning pre-school education

Councils in Scotland have met the Scottish Executive target for guaranteeing free pre-school education for all four-year-olds and are already close to meeting t

Equipped to care - Managing medical equipment in the NHS in Scotland

The report looks at the management of medical equipment by NHS trusts in Scotland over a one year period and concludes that the management of medical equipment

Benefits, Finance and Corporate issues - Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report highlights that Scotland's councils collected just over 88% of the £1.26billion council tax due for the year, within 1999/2000.

Getting to know your services - A step-by-step guide to developing and using information portfolios to monitor and report performance

Audit Scotland has produced a paper to support the development of performance information in councils.

Regulatory services - Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report shows that nearly nine out of ten food hygiene inspections in higher risk premises are undertaken within time, 94% of complaints noise complaints wer