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Education services- Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report shows that 96% of 4-year-olds and 76% of 3-year-olds had a place in pre-school education, the average number of pupils per class in primary schools f

Environmental services - Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report highlights that despite continued efforts to improve Scotland's record on recycling household waste, councils still sent 93% of waste to landfill in

Progress report on Inverclyde Council - SR 2001/1

The Controller of Audit reports to the Accounts Commission on the progress made to date by Inverclyde Council in improving its financial procedures.

Managing People in the NHS in Scotland

This self-assessment pack has been produced by Audit Scotland to assist line managers and auditors in the review of managing people in NHSiS trusts and to monit

The map to success - Using process mapping to improve performance

This management paper explains what process mapping is and how it can be used to improve service delivery.

Waste management in Scottish hospitals

The handling of clinical waste from Scottish hospitals by NHS trusts meets high environmental and safety standards, according to a report published today by the

Housing services - Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report highlights wide variations between councils in their management of housing services in 1999/2000.

Leisure and libraries - Performance indicators 1999/2000

The report highlights the difficulties faced by councils' library services in meeting national targets for replacing old book stock and the continuing inability