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How the Accounts Commission holds local government to account

From the performance of your local council to a wide range of nationwide services and broader issues such as climate change, the Accounts Commission reports

A renewed focus on the sustainability of social care

At their best, social care services enable people to not just live the life they choose, but to thrive.

Tough decisions ahead on climate change

The realities of climate change, and their direct link to difficult public spending decisions, are now on our doorstep.

20 years of Best Value auditing in Scotland

Best Value matters more than ever.

Homelessness affects us all - action is needed

Having a safe, secure, affordable home is not a luxury. It’s a fundamental necessity.

Encouraging progress on education data but still a long way to go

Encouraging progress on education data but still a long way to go to understand variation and improve outcomes.

Learning the lessons of Covid-19 has never been more important

Councils played a crucial role during the Covid-19 pandemic, with staff working hard and at pace to support communities, protect jobs and maintain

Reporting on the vital role of Scotland's housing benefit services

Councils’ benefit services are a lifeline service to people often in urgent financial need, seeking support at what can be the most difficult and compl