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National Strategy for Economic Transformation

The Scottish Government’s 10-year economic strategy currently lacks collective political leadership and clear targets.

How the Accounts Commission holds local government to account

From the performance of your local council to a wide range of nationwide services and broader issues such as climate change, the Accounts Commission reports

A renewed focus on the sustainability of social care

At their best, social care services enable people to not just live the life they choose, but to thrive.

The Scottish Government's workforce challenges

The Scottish Government needs to act quickly to deliver services differently.

Tough decisions ahead on climate change

The realities of climate change, and their direct link to difficult public spending decisions, are now on our doorstep.

Investing in Scotland's infrastructure

The Scottish Government no longer expects to have enough money to deliver all its planned £26 billion investment in public sector infrastructure.

20 years of Best Value auditing in Scotland

Best Value matters more than ever.

Scotland's colleges 2023

Scotland’s colleges are vital to learners and local communities.