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National Strategy for Economic Transformation

The Scottish Government’s 10-year economic strategy currently lacks collective political leadership and clear targets.

The Scottish Government's workforce challenges

The Scottish Government needs to act quickly to deliver services differently.

Investing in Scotland's infrastructure

The Scottish Government no longer expects to have enough money to deliver all its planned £26 billion investment in public sector infrastructure.

Scotland's colleges 2023

Scotland’s colleges are vital to learners and local communities.

Integration Joint Boards: Financial analysis 2021/22

Scotland’s Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) face considerable financial challenges and immense pressures on their workforce.

Briefing: Scotland's public finances: Challenges and risks

Faster reform of Scotland’s public sector is needed to protect services in the long term and improve people’s lives.

Briefing: Tackling child poverty

Longer-term joint planning is needed to address child poverty in Scotland, which has increased since targets were set in 2017.

Scotland's councils' approach to addressing climate change

Councils have a critical role in helping Scotland achieve its national climate change goals, in particular reducing CO2 emissions and adapting and transformi