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The 2022/23 audit of Renfrewshire Council: Dargavel Village

Renfrewshire Council faces significant challenges in rebuilding the trust of local people, following failings in providing school accommodation for Dargavel

The 2022/23 audit of the Water Industry Commission for Scotland

Auditors have found unacceptable use of public funds by senior officials at the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

The 2022/23 audit of the Scottish Prison Service

Scotland’s prison system is facing considerable risks, including the poor performance of the company that transports prisoners to and from custody.

The 2022/23 audit of NHS Forth Valley

NHS Forth Valley has responded well since the Scottish Government took formal oversight of the board’s work.

The 2022/23 audit of the Scottish Government Consolidated Accounts

Clearer plan needed to reform public services.

The 2021/22 audit of Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council, trade unions and others are urged to maintain the pace in implementing a new system aimed at ensuring employees are paid equally in the

The 2021/22 audit of Scottish Canals

Scottish Canals’ struggle to value its assets meant auditors did not have enough reliable evidence to provide assurance over the public body’s fi

The 2021/22 audit of South Lanarkshire College

South Lanarkshire College has addressed weaknesses in how it is governed but has spent around £800,000 responding to leadership issues.